Fire Inspections

The Guil-Rand fire department conducts fire inspections for the cities of Archdale and Trinity North Carolina.  All inspectors are certified by the North Carolina Code Council Qualifications Board.

The Mission of the inspections division is to enforce the intent of the North Carolina fire prevention code, to provide a reasonable level life safety and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in new or existing buildings.

North Carolina Law requires all businesses, churches, educational institutions and multi-family residences to have regular fire inspections. All structures requiring an inspection are inspected annually in the Guil-Rand Fire Department service area.

There is no charge for a general routine inspection. HOWEVER, certain requests or operations may have a designated fee that will be assessed. If there are violations of the fire code a fee or fine may be assessed if the items are not corrected within a certain time period.

Visit our permits section for a list of special fee assessed inspections or requests.

The Top Ten Fire Code Violations
1.   Fire extinguishers in the businesses failing to have annual inspections by a qualified extinguisher company.
2.   Improper storage of combustibles too close to heat sources of ceilings and the improper storage and use of flamable  liquids/hazardous materials.
3.   Extension cords used as substitute for permanent wiring and cords used in the path of travel. (Cords may be damaged by walking on them)
4.   Exit problems such as; blocked aisles, blocked/locked doors, and blocked open fire doors.
5.   Inoperative Exit Signs and Emergency Lights due to burned out bulbs and bad batteries for back up in case of electrical power failure.
6.   Bad housekeeping without regular trash removal.
7.   Broken or defective electrical fixtures (broken / missing outlet or switch plate covers and electrical light fixtures.
8.   Blocked electrical circuit breaker panels (A minimum clearance of 30" is required in front and to the sides of panels.
9.   Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishing and Sprinkler Systems failing to have routine servicing / testing by a qualified company.
10. Street address numbers not displayed or improper size (Randolph County Ordinances require address numbers to be a minimum of 6")

A list of requirements for festivals, carnivals, and fairs can be obtained by calling the inspections division at
(336) 431-2512

New construction permits and plan submittal requires one hardcopy and one electronic copy submitted to
Guil-Rand Fire Department - Fire Prevention Division.

Submit to:
Guil-Rand Fire Dept.
Attn Nick Hill
10506 S. Main St. Archdale, NC 27263

Electronic copy to:

Building permits must also be obtained through the Randolph County building inspection department’s Asheboro office.
204 East Academy St. Asheboro, NC 27203
Office (336) 318-6565


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Application for Hydrant Flow Test

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Application For Foster Home Inspections.



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10506 S. Main St.
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Phone: 336-431-2512
Fax: 336-431-9622

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