The Guil-Rand Fire Department was organized in 1950 to provide fire protection and rescue services to what is now the greater Archdale and Trinity  area.  Prior to that time, there was no organized fire and rescue service in the northwest corner of Randolph County or the unincorporated areas of southwest Guilford County. The district experienced steady growth for the next twenty years.  However, beginning in about 1970, circumstances changed that set the stage for rapid growth that is still continuing. In 1969 the City of Archdale incorporated, and by 1973 the city had a water system in place.  In addition, Davidson Water Inc., provided water system services in the Hillsville and Trinity communities beginning about the same time.  The result was a tremendous spurt of growth in residential construction and light industry.  Two areas that were outside the district, Hillsville and Cedar Square petitioned to join the Guil-Rand Fire District.  In 1976, the addition of these two areas tripled our size.  Two stations were built and a combination of new and used equipment was purchased to begin operations.

     In 1983, the Trinity area petitioned and joined our fire district and a fourth station was built to serve this area.

     In 1985, Interstate I-85 was completed through our district, which created a major traffic artery from Greensboro to Charlotte.

     Due to Trinity incorporating in 1997, our fire district now covers territory in two cities and in two counties.

     Our second station in the City of Trinity was added in 2006.

     Currently, our fire district serves an area of approximately 81 square miles and a population of about 33,000 persons in Randolph and Guilford Counties. We cover 1,100 businesses that include commercial and industrial establishments. Guil-Rand covers 9 public schools, which includes 2 high schools, 1 middle school and 6 elementary schools.

     Guil-Rand Fire Department, in this relatively short time of 65 years, has become the largest county fire department in terms of population served and district land area covered in both Guilford and Randolph counties.  The main functions of the department include fire suppression, rescue operations, haz-mat operations, emergency medical operations, fire prevention, fire inspections and investigations  

     Guil-Rand Fire Department has had to move its headquarters twice because of the growth we have experienced since we incorporated in 1950. Our newest headquarters is located at 10506 S. Main Street in Archdale south of Interstate I-85.
Luke Richardson
Fire Chief
Howard Wood
  1981 - 1982
Clyde Wilkerson
   1954 - 1971

Tommy Skeen
  1973 - 1980
RD Auman
1950 - 1951
Garland Wear
1972 - 1972
Larry Brower
1983 - 2006
Brian K. Cox
2006 - 2017
Darren S. Pierce